Pech Pech is Croissant, Croissant is Pech Pech

Croissant is actually a tasty bunch of scones that was produced in 1999 for the first time in Iran by Pech Pech. The crunchy and delicious bread that has been popular for many years due to the specialty and variety of eating occasions and the power of energy at any time and any place.

Today, Pech Pech is one of the best snacks in the market, with the help of best experts, the main creations of Croissant cooking, best machines, devices and raw materials. A delicious and healthy snack that is a great energy every time a day, in every place with a delicious bite. Why? Because “Pech Pech Keeps You Going!”

Strawberry Pech Pech

New Flavor!

Vanilla smell and a sweet taste of Strawberry Fruit
Inside the laced bread and delicious Croissant Pech Pech
A great and new mix
For more energy at any time of the day

Chocolate Pech Pech

It has never been like this before.

Chocolate Pech Pech with a new recipe
From head to toe is filled with chocolate
What’s better than a delicious chocolate from the first bite?